For over 50 years Besenzoni has been constantly serving and assisting its clients in 90 countries qualifying as one of the flagship companies of the Made in Italy in the world.  Besenzoni owns over 60 patents and performs constant technological improvement. 7 collections gather today over 170 products. Made in the industrial units owned by Besenzoni, with the usual attention to detail, enriched by technological solutions and innovative design, they establish the widest product range available on the market. The most extensive business network of the sector ensures a strong international presence. A capillary network for direct assistance consisting more than 160 unities of assistance worldwide, ensures rapid and immediate support not only during warranty period but also throughout the whole product’s life.


The tradition to be always at the forefront

Besenzoni S.p.A. offers an incomparable range of products: external and re-entering gangways, deck or garage cranes to hoist tenders and water toys, automatic roof systems, pilot seats, bathing - boarding and multifunctional ladders, patio and pantograph doors, windows with electric movement, balconies and garage doors opening solutions, automations beach area and anything else that may be entrusted to an accessory.

7 collections gather today over 170 products. Made with the usual attention to detail and enriched by the most innovative and avant-garde technological and design solutions, they constitute the widest range available on the market.


When innovation is a family feature

From the artisan enterprise of the beginning to the industrial and structured reality of today, the innate ability to create innovation in the nautical sector characterizes the whole history of Besenzoni: born thanks to the foresight of its founder, Giovanni Besenzoni, the Bergamo-based company has made technological research the engine for its constant evolution.
This gives rise to great innovations in the years 70/80 for the boating industry as the stern platform with ladder and the very first hydraulic gangways with hydraulic functioning be moved easily by remote control.
Essentially, it was also the contribution of Giorgio Besenzoni, son of Giovanni, who has steered the company into the third millennium with innovative and creative spirit.


Reliability and precision

Safety and advanced technology combine to make a perfect match in all Besenzoni products. Our yacht products and sailing solutions are designed in full compliance with relevant standards and carefully tested .

In the design phase, the definition of the sizing is entrusted to a staff of engineers who perform the calculation according to the strictest standards and in the static and dynamic conditions of use of the product.
The safety parameters of the calculation of the structures are therefore strictly respected and guaranteed by the RINA standards governing the sector of merchant vessels.


Being at the forefront is a tradition that we have always observed

Innovation and technology have been the backbone of the company’s success with regards to our ship products and sailing solutions.Not only as means to guarantee the customers a solution for their most urgent needs, but often by setting new standards for the sector, which have been recognised as essential and adopted by the industry. Currently, Besenzoni owns 19 international patents, some of which have generated important changes in the relation between a yacht and its owner.For example, the stern swim platform provided with a small ladder, or the hydraulic remote controlled gangways.


Countless solutions: from series production to custom-made engineering

Flexibility of operation is one of the strenghts which makes Besenzoni so well recognised and regarded within the nautical industry. In addition to supplying a large range of boats with series products, the company also offers custom-made products based on customer’s design needs. Besenzoni are close partners with important international shipyards and supply yacht engineering support by designing and manufacturing special technological yachting solutions. Besenzoni products include a range especially devoted to sailing boats which are a result of product development studies in this sector. Offering a wide and diverse range of products and sea service, the company have continued to specialise and offer comprehensive products and yachting solutions without neglecting a single detail. Any product designed and manufactured by Besenzoni is conceived and built to be immediately put to use, with no need to buy additional parts.


Quality aimed at the future

The quality and innovative products created by Besenzoni have often been acknowledged in the international market. Prestigious awards granted to the company include the “Dame Award” (Design Award Mets), won in 2002 at Mets in Amsterdam for an ultra-compact crane called “Magic”. Besenzoni was also nominated for awards in 2001 and 2005 for a new gangway designed for sailing boats called “Skipper”, and the new “Electric Side Door”. An important acknowledgement was also obtained at Seatec in Carrara in 2006, with the new Besenzoni “Watertight Door”.In november 2017 Besenzoni has won the Dame awards with the pilot seat P 400 Matrix.

Furthermore, the Company was the first in the sector to obtain UNI EN ISO 9000:2001 certification in 1997 Then the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003 for the quality management system and actually the UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2008.